my Business in Romania

Principle 4.

The company’s documents must be securely stored

Paper documents & electronic documents

Like most companies, my Business in Romania will maintain two types of archives:

    • paper versions
    • electronic versions

It is always a good idea to have a mirror copy between the paper versions and the electronic versions. In case something happens with one, the other one remains.

  • For the paper versions, when the volumes start accumulating, I can make use of the services of specialised archivers, which can also digitise the documents for me
  • For the documents in electronic format, it is important that they stay grouped logically & securely - and that I apply 2-step authentication. Passwords can be easily hacked, so it is always a good idea to have a second way of confirming identity: a token, an e-token, or a code received via SMS, biometric authentication, for instance.

⚠️ Speaking of SMS:

    • I need to make sure that the SMS will arrive to my non-Romanian mobile number once I leave Romania
    • There is the specific example of a bank from Romania which uses SMS for various steps in its e-banking processes, however cannot send SMS to numbers from outside Romania. This is more the exception rather than the rule: most banking systems are adapted to working with foreigners