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"We have created this volume primarily because everybody needs reliable information for their business, especially during turbulent conditions. We have ourselves started companies and helped develop many other businesses, so we know that this information is often scattered, it must be obtained from multiple sources and it takes away time. For our partners, we have always compressed this complexity, offering them simple solutions for their businesses. Throughout our collaborations, many of the local and foreign business people which have built businesses in Romania have repeated to us that without our help and guidance they would not have succeeded - and have encouraged us to put all our knowledge into a book. We have always told them, smiling, that a book would not be enough. And they always replied, smiling, that they could hardly wait to read all of them. Well, this is the first one."


"Skipping the legalese, straight to the point, every question that comes to mind is answered. Excellent material!"

I. Urem



I will save on advisory costs

By reading the book, I will get to understand the following practical details:

  • how to start business in Romania during and after the COVID-19 pandemic;

  • what is a micro company and what are its advantages over the traditional profit-tax paying company;

  • how to get the VAT number - the regular one, the special one for EU transactions, or the e-commerce one;

  • the most frequent mistakes in the beginning, like losing my newly-obtained VAT code and getting my company suspended at both the Trade Registry and at the Tax Agency (ANAF);

  • what are the rules for the beneficial owner form;

  • when do I need to start filing tax returns;

  • how can I file tax returns online;

  • what is the Virtual Private Space (SPV) and how do I access it;

  • about the Environment Fund;

  • about Intrastat;

  • how to hire my first employee and the mandatory payroll documentation;

  • how to motivate the employees - including with tax-deductible vouchers;

  • why I need to constantly check my accounting;

  • where do I see my revenue and profit in a Romanian trial balance;

  • which expenses are tax deductible - services, protocol, transport, sponsorships etc. - and which support documents are needed;

  • what is the legal reserve;

  • what is equity and why is it so important;

  • what are the rules for drafting annual financial statements (including the informative data and the administrator’s report);

  • how to read a Romanian balance sheet - both mine as well as that of my suppliers and clients, for due diligence;

  • details about NIF;

  • details about consolidated tax statement;

  • how can I withdraw interim dividends throughout the year and what is the dividend tax;

  • how can I obtain a tax record online;

  • how to file a VAT refund request;

  • tax inspection: what to expect;

  • how to reduce the tax risk profile of my business in Romania.



      • ✅ 22.09.2020: Draft Cover

      • ✅ 19.10.2020: Manuscript in Romanian (40 530 words, 257 894 characters, including spaces) sent to editing for corrections and pagination

      • 23.11.2020 : Final translation into English

      • ✅ 23.11.2020: Manuscript in English sent to editing

      • ✅ 16.12.2020: Choice of cover material and style for the printed version

      • ✅ 16.12.2020: Choice of paper

      • ✅ 16.12.2020: Giftbox design, choice of materials and style

      • ✅ 16.12.2020: ISBN code for the Romanian printed version: 978-606-8945-77-4

      • ✅ 17.12.2020: Start printing. First batch: January 2021

      • ✅ 17-18.12.2020: Kindle Create editing

      • ✅ 19.12.2020: Submitted to Amazon KDP Select for review

      • ✅ 19.12.2020: eBook in English published on Amazon BUY In the first week from its launch, it reaches the level of #1 New Arrival in International Taxes

      • ✅ 19-20.12.2020: Editing the Amazon Print-on-Demand edition (ISBN 979-858-3695-97-3)

      • ✅ 21.12.2020: Uploaded the Amazon Print-on-Demand edition

      • ✅ 22.12.2020: Printed book in English published on Amazon BUY

      • ✅ 23.12.2020: Start eBook distribution

      • ✅ 25.01.2021: eBook in Romanian published on Apple Books BUY

      • ✅ 29.01.2021: eBook in Romanian published on Google Play BUY and Google Books BUY

      • ✅ 17.04.2021: eBook in English published on Apple Books 🆕 BUY



When I want to make a special gift to someone who is just starting out in business, or to someone who already has their own business and has reached a stalemate, now I can make a unique gift:

The Deluxe Limited Edition of the volume “Business in Romania”

The Deluxe Limited Edition, in English, includes the authors' autographs and comes in a custom, luxury navy blue gift box. In addition to an exceptional presentation of a book that already excels in its rich content of business and tax advisory, the person to whom I will offer this gift will also receive a voucher for a meeting with one of the authors.

It will be one of the best presents I may offer.


Maria is an awarded member of the Romanian accounting and tax advisory bodies and runs a successful company in the field. She has a PhD in accounting, has published abroad and has taken part in international conferences. She has developed a unique business methodology based on the best ways to start a business in Romania, to grow it or to exit successfully.

Bogdan has studied at Harvard Business School and has played a number of key roles in multinational organisations from Western Europe, Central Asia and East Africa. Bogdan has a strong interest in stimulating foreign investment in Romania – and is encouraging the Romanian Diaspora return as Entrepreneurs.


"This book will save the reader time and money, combining practicality with a bit more than just mere vision: the ingredients of a successful business in Romania"

Andrei T.


The book has a Romanian Edition also. More details here