my Tax Advisor: Dr Maria Piroi

Maria is a Forbes Romania Keynote Speaker and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, member of the Romanian professional bodies in accounting (CECCAR), tax advisory (CCF) and audit (CAFR), hosting the podcast and the YouTube channel "Afacerea mea în România". She teaches Accounting in the University and has created her own successful business in the field. During the last 20 years, Maria has offered tax & business advisory to High Net Worth Individuals – and has helped companies from all sectors start and grow business. In parallel, as a certified financial auditor, Maria has audited more than EUR 1bn of EU-funded projects. This is how she has developed a unique business methodology. Learning from this experience, Maria is in the best position to help me with the pre-filtered, actionable steps I need to take in order to turn my business in Romania into a success.

my Business Developer: Dr Bogdan Nastase

Bogdan is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and hosts the podcast [my] BUSINESS IN ROMANIA™. He can help companies to internationalise & get cost savings through technology adoption & automatisation: he studied at Harvard Business School, has a PhD in Management, and is a registered member of the Romanian Chamber of Tax Advisors (CCF). Before joining the GEC team, he has played a number of key roles in development banks and multinational organisations from Western Europe, Central Asia and East Africa. Bogdan has a strong interest in stimulating foreign investment in Romania – and is encouraging the Romanian Diaspora return as Entrepreneurs.

my Accounting Team: the Group Expert Consulting (GEC)

The only accounting firm in Romania managed by two licensed tax advisors with a PhD, in Accounting and in Management. GEC is a Bucharest-based, centrally-located team of technology-oriented experts with international exposure, specialised in bookkeeping, accounting & payroll, financial audit & tax advisory. The 30 GEC experts speak English, French, German – and are part of The International Accounting Group TIAG®, third largest global alliance of independent accounting firms. GEC is also a member of the Romanian professional bodies in accounting (CECCAR), tax advisory (CCF) and audit (CAFR).

In addition to the traditional accounting, payroll and tax advisory services, GEC also offers:

  • Virtual CFO

  • “Expert contabil pentru o zi” / Expert-accountant-on-demand

  • Management reporting for groups of companies

  • Registered office for a new business

  • Business valuations

  • Business development support

  • Tax advice on buying / selling business

  • Support for internationalisation

  • Business plans: SWOT, risk, cashflow, forecasting, workflows

  • Market analysis

  • Legislation monitoring on demand

  • Business coaching and mentoring

  • Bank support: new accounts, double signature A-B, loan/leasing documentation

  • Online document management system

  • VAT registration

  • VAT refunds

  • Tax inspection support

  • Support for drafting the mandatory Accounting Policies Manual

  • Support for drafting the Internal Regulations

  • Support for the Annual Inventory

  • Audit of the Annual Financial Statements

  • Audit of EU-funded projects

  • Audit-on-demand

  • Due diligence

  • Certification of Tax Forms

  • IFRS conversion

  • Extra-judicial Expert Accounting Report for court cases

  • Trade Registry Statements (=ro. Certificat Constatator)

… and many more.

The project [my] BUSINESS IN ROMANIA™ is based on the GEC experience in offering outsourced services to foreign companies from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Moldova, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, US etc. The project aims to offer the reader Romanian tax news and relevant actionable information, in English, about key business facts.

I may easily setup a call with the GEC team members on the Book Online page. I may also visit the book landing page and read the specialty books written by GEC authors. The easiest way to interact is by using the Wix mobile app [my] BUSINESS IN ROMANIA™, available for iOS and Android.