first steps with the lawyer 👩‍💼

I have a lawyer in Romania. Do I need to go to Romania in person in order to start my Business in Romania?

No. I may go either to a notary in my home city outside Romania, or to a Romanian Embassy or Consulate, to prepare the following documents and send them to my lawyer in Romania:

    • power of attorney for the lawyer
    • power of attorney for the accounting firm, if I have one already, for processing everything in relation to the Romanian Tax Agency and being able to upload my tax statements online to the Romanian Tax Agency’s portal
    • statement that I have the full capacity to act as a shareholder in the Romanian company and that I do not have any debt to the Romanian state
    • signature specimen

It would take approximately 1 month in total, at regular pace, until I am able to hire personnel. By selecting fast-track procedures at the Trade Registry, the lawyer could bring this down to ~3 weeks. For the lawyer it takes ~2 weeks to have everything done at the Romanian Trade Registry from the moment when (s)he has all the papers from me - so it depends on me as to how fast I am able to obtain the documents above

What steps will the lawyer perform?

Step 1. Check for an available name for my Business in Romania

The lawyer can do this check for me at the Trade Registry. I can express more options - and the first available one will be the winner

Step 2. Articles of Incorporation & Statute

The lawyer will need to prepare for me the Articles of Incorporation & the Statute

Step 3. Trade Registry

The lawyer goes with the documents to the Romanian Trade Registry and files the Articles of Incorporation & the Statute

Step 4. Company Incorporation Decision

The Trade Registry issues the Company Incorporation Decision, confirming the official birth of my Business in Romania


Step 5. I take over

The lawyer collects the Company Incorporation Decision from the Trade Registry, together with supporting documents, including the Registration Certificate (=ro. Certificat de Înregistrare) and offers these documents to me. It is now the time for me to speak to my accountant