First steps of my Business in Romania

Hello, I'm Maria Piroi, I run an accounting company that I created 21 years ago. I have both the quality of entrepreneur and the quality of consultant for all my clients. I can say that so far there are hundreds of clients that I have advised what it means to have your own business, how to grow it, how to get the results you plan from the beginning of your own company.

At the beginning, it is very important to create the company based on your own wishes, on what you can do, what you can achieve.

I started with a small activity, with 3 people. My first wish was to get the first 10 thousand lei-this was my dream. It was done in a very short period. As we grew as a company, dreams became a reality. My dream now is to run an accounting & technology company, where people no longer stand to enter documents, but simply press a button, scan, insert or create from a document application, and they simply and simple to just stand by to check - and to be able to help clients make quick decisions, to advise them, instead of introducing documents.

This was a short review of my activity. Maybe it would have hundreds of pages, if I were to say all the steps I have taken in these 21 years. But the essence is to believe in what you do - and to have a team that will be with you every day, to believe in you.

So, in short, believe in what you do, believe in what you want - and it will become reality.

As you have known me over the years, I think I was more than a consultant. Maybe a counsellor or a family member. Consider that I will always be the same person: whenever you need good advice, you just have to put your hand on the phone and call me, or go over to discuss - and all that I have accumulated, both professionally and as an entrepreneur, I will advise you to get what you want, because each of us, if we think and create business in this spirit, it is impossible not to develop. Each of us is a family of this country - and what we create each of us, every day, is reflected in the society as in a mirror.